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Features Stonegate SHNDF17 Electric Fireplace

  • Authentic look of burning wood
  • Greener form of heating than gas or actual wood fireplace
  • Pane glass door allows you to see log flame effect
  • Remote control operates On/Off power and thermostat
  • Adjustable warmth via thermostat switches on top of machine

Product Description :

The Stonegate SH-NDF17 Electric Fireplace is a freestanding metal hearth that heats the space around your house. It’s designed compactly, to fit where ever you have space available in your home. It provides space heating using electric energy. You can see into the fireplace through the Stonegate SH-NDF17 electric fireplace simple paned-glass door. Adjustable HeatThe Stonegate SH-NDF17 electric fireplace has an adjustable thermostat, so you can specify the warmth. Remote ControlOperate the On/Off switch and thermostat using the included remote control. Flame Log EffectThe Stonegate SH-NDF17 electric fireplace simulates the look of an authentic burning bundle of logs. Eco-Friendly HeatingThe Stonegate SH-NDF17 fireplace uses electric energy, which is cleaner and greener than gas or real-wood fireplaces.
Some people reviews speak how the Stonegate SHNDF17 Electric Fireplace are outstanding luggage. In addition, It Is a very nicely product for those price tag. It’s suitable for colony with a small budget. Toy trucks found pluses and minuses in this particular variety of product or service. But overall, Its a good supreme product all of us are very well recommended them! After you however wish to know additional information in this particular device, so investigate reviews of people who had already tried it.
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