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Features Stonegate QC111 Electric Fireplace

  • Soothing look of wood burning over open flame
  • Features freestanding design, to be installed anywhere
  • Glass door reveals electric flames within
  • Approved for safe use indoors
  • Warms areas up to 100 square feet, with 4250 BTUs of heating

Product Description :

The Stonegate QC111 Electric Fireplace is a freestanding unit that uses electric energy to create a warm, fireplace atmosphere. Appropriate for supplemental heating, the Stonegate QC111 electric fireplace offers 100 square feet of warming coverage. The old-fashioned style hearth adds a cozy atmosphere and warm feeling to any home. Freestanding FireplaceThe freestanding design of the Stonegate QC111 allows installation in any area of your home. Attractive Glass DoorThe Stonegate QC111 electric fireplace features a paned glass door with an attractive metal design, to see the log flames. Log FlamesThe Stonegate electric fireplace simulates a real wooden fire, without the added danger of smoke and fire. Safety FirstThe electric heat does not pose the danger of gas or wood burning style hearths.
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