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Features Nu-Flame Vampa Ethanol Fireplace

  • All Nu-Flame fireplace feature tempered glass for safety
  • 1.5-Liter capacity burner
  • Quality heavy stainless steel linear burner
  • Adjustable dampener with dampener tool
  • Burns clean liquid nu-flame bio-ethanol fuel

Product Description :

Vampa wall mounted vent free fireplace by nu-flame/bluworld. Clean and sleek this minimalist design showcases the beauty of fire. The large tempered glass face adds a layer of safety while enhancing the colorful flames. The large 1.5-liter burner provides a long burn time enhancing any setting for extended enjoyment. Easily adjust the flame height or extinguish it completely with the provided dampener tool. Fuel not included, we recommend using nu-flame bio-ethanol fuel. For indoor use only.
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