### Dimplex Rockwell OptiMyst Fireplace

Lowes Dimplex Rockwell OptiMyst Fireplace for Online Shopping

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Features Dimplex Rockwell OptiMyst Fireplace

  • Enhances home decor
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Smoked glass shelf for housing accessories
  • Glossy black finish is fresh and modern
  • On/off heat lets you enjoy this option all year

Product Description :

Features: Traditional cabinet design with rich burnished walnut finish Elegant and sleek appearance sought by devotees of modern design. Combines the illusion of fire and smoke. The 3-dimensional flame combined with glowing logs and shimmering ember bed, produces dazzling realism. Fully variable flame and smoke intensity control with silent operation Easy fill water tank Optiglo® inner glow logs with shimmering ember bed Flame can be operated independent of heat Specifications: Overall dimensions: 42H x 52.625W x 16.6875D inches Weight: 181 lbs.
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