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Features Toas-Tite Sandwich Grill – Campfire Cookware

  • Replica of a 1949 Toas-Tite pocket sandwich grill comes in an awesome vintage box
  • Proudly made in USA from sturdy aluminum with steel rods and hardwood handles
  • Works on gas, electric and glass top stoves; great for fireplaces, firepits, BBQ’s and campfires
  • Makes tasty hot roasted sandwiches, snacks and desserts; includes recipes and instruction booklet
  • Hand wash recommended

Product Description :
The Toas-Tite Grill Sandwich maker makes a luscious, juicy, savory sandwich, hot and toasted while sealing the delicious filling inside the hot golden toast. The Toas-Tite is packaged in a retro box along with reprints of the original instruction and recipe booklets. Sandwich maker can be used over gas or electric stove, electric hot plate, outdoor grill, fireplace or picnic bonfire. Quickly turns two ordinary slices of bread and your favorite sandwich filling into a hot, sealed toasted sandwich. Before first use, aluminum grids should be cured by wiping vegetable oil over the inside surface of each grid. Next, preheat the Toas-Tite grill with a moderate heat to cure—now the fun can begin. It recalls a nostalgic era for many baby boomers and their parents. Proudly made in the USA from sturdy aluminum with steel rods and hardwood handles. Hand wash recommended.
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